Notes, Reimagined

Postaira is a revolutionary platform that helps passionate and creative people capture and share their ideas. With our intuitive and intelligent tagging, you can quickly store, find and share your ideas with ease.

How It Works

“Before Postaira digital note taking apps always felt clunky and difficult to organize.”

Stream of conscience note taking

Postaira was founded with the mission to empower and enable people to capture and organize their ideas. Our platform is designed to help you unleash your creativity with a stream of conscious note taking experience. We believe that every person has the power to drive innovation, and we want to help you unlock that potential.

Intelligent Organization

No more fumbling through notes to find what you are looking for

Interactive Collaboration

Share, comment and work together


Text, audio and pictures can be captured and organized with ease

Track Activity

Nemo enim ipsam volup tatem quia voluptas sit.

Speed & Simplicity

At Postaira, we believe that ideas have the power to change the world. Let us help you capture, store and share your ideas.

The power of a tool is in how you use it.

Postaira is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, and anyone looking to capture their ideas and make them more accessible. Our platform is designed to help you be more productive, creative, and organized, while giving you the freedom to explore your thoughts more deeply and freely.

Write & Capture

Notes, Audio or Images


Using  our nested hash system, easily organize into unlimited virtual folders


Collaborate with friends, family or your team, extending the power of your ideas